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How Much Money You Can Make As A Hair Braider In Fort Worth, Texas

In Texas, the average salary for a hair braider is $44.72 per hour, which is 34% above the national average. So if you are looking for employment opportunities as a hair braider you should know it is a profitable business in Fort Worth.

We are hiring Hair braiders in Ft Worth it is an appealing idea because it is very popular among women these days. There is a big market for this. There are several types of hair braiding including:

  • African Styles
  • Corn-Rows
  • Box Braids
  • Feed-in braids
  • Fulani Braids
and many more.

Most of these styles are widely used by women of African American descent, as they are traditionally used by African men and women with exceptionally curly hair. Even though they have always been an §Ó??alternative§Ó?? hairstyle they are quickly gaining popularity.

If you know how to put them correctly you can earn a lot of money as not many people know how to do it. You have to remember that it takes practice to make the braid look good. The problem when you don§Ó??t do them right is that they can come out making you lose time and money.

How Much Can You Earn Braiding Hair?
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Hair braiding professionals can expect to earn between $150 to $200 for a braiding job. It will all depend on the length of the hair and what style of braids the customer wants.

Remember, hair braiders in Texas earn per hour and the average of $44.72 and it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to complete the hair braiding process. The most popular type of hair braiding is classy African styles.

As with any business, there are some costs you need to consider such as:
  • Beads (if you plan to use them)
  • Straight-backed chair
  • Combs
  • Mirrors

As you can see you can start your braiding business without a big investment, that is one of the main benefits to it!

Important Things You Need To Know

Even though it requires little capital to start braiding hair is something that takes time, effort, and experience to become a professional hair braider now. So, if you want to make money and compete with professional braiders you need some practice first. A good place to start is by braiding your hair. Then ask friends and family to let you braid their hair. To learn how to do it you can search for good tutorials online or you can find a hair braiding course near you.

Remember hair braiding is considered a lucrative business but if you want to get the pay you need to know what you are doing. You need to build a solid reputation so you can get referrals and make your business grow. So, keep learning and practicing and become proficient at putting in many styles of braids. Your goal should be to braid every day. With practice, you will become a professional and then it is when the big bucks will come.

Do You Need A License To Braid Hair in Texas?
The answer is No!

On June 8, 2015, Texas Governor Abbott signed HB 2717 bill that deregulates hair braiding. This bill applies to natural hair braiding which is braiding without the use of chemicals or adhesives. If you are planning the use of chemicals and adhesives you still need a license.

It Is Difficult To Start?

As we mentioned before hair braiding requires little investment but you need to know what you are doing before you start. This practice will require time so it all depends on how much passion you have for it. If you love braiding it will be much easier to succeed as you are doing something that you like. So taking time to practice is a lot easier.

The downside of hair braiding is that it can be difficult to gain paying customers.

But if you establish a good reputation for yourself, you will have no problem making money.

A great place to advertise your hair braiding service for hire is social media look for hair braiding jobs fort worth, especially Instagram, as it allows you to show off your work. When you start to gain a good reputation, your business will start growing as more and more people will recommend your work. If you are ready to start your hair braiding business we are hiring in Fort Worth, Texas, just contact us!

Did Covid-19 put your shop out of business?

How Coronavirus COVID-19 Affect Beauty Salon Businesses

If you work in the beauty industry you know that personal interaction is key for your business. It is impossible to give beauty services, such as haircuts, nails or massages without touching your clients. It is not surprising that black beauty salons in Ft Worth are facing the possibility of going out of business due to the impact of COVID-19.

It is known that the best way to stop the spreading of coronavirus COVID-19 is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and practicing social distance. Beauty salons, spas, massage studios, and wellness clinics everywhere are making tough decisions on how to keep going considering the coronavirus pandemic. According to the owner of Bladez Beauty Salon in Fort Worth, Texas §Ó??Every day in the beauty industry many freelancers are losing money.§Ó??

For example, aesthetic eyelash extension experts are concerned as they work very close to people so they are worried they are going to be out of work. Fort Worth shops hiring hair braiders has been reduced due to this pandemic. Unfortunately, nail and hair salons, barbershops, beauty salons, hair removal services, spas, tattoos, and piercing parlors were shuttered in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hiring hair braiders in Fort Worth, Texas is getting tougher as people are afraid to leave their homes. Here are some things beauty salons, spas, and wellness centers can do to survive this crisis.

1. Stay In Touch With Your Clients

Now it is the perfect time to stay in touch with your clients through email, phone, and social media. Encourage your loyal clients to book their next appointment when you open again. Inform them how your business has always been practicing healthy habits. How your protocol includes washing your hands, disinfectant the hairbrushes, using spray and alcohol wipes to clean the chairs and other surfaces.

2. Open An Online Store

If your beauty business sells retail products, now is the time to expand and open your online store (if you haven§Ó??t already). Tell your customers you have available their favorite products and offer special discounts. As long as you have products you can sell online.

3. Keep Learning

Spending time at home will give you the time to learn about the latest trends in beauty, and hair. Or you can learn more about how to run successfully your business and build a post-COVID-19 launch plan. Be creative, and keep working!

4. Reduce Services

If your business is having a tough time you might need to reduce the services you can offer. For example, you might reconsider the services where there is close contact with your customers, such as hair removal. When you reopen you might consider booking only one or two customers at a time to allow for in-depth cleaning and more physical space between clients until everything goes back to normal.

5. Clean As we mentioned above now more than your business should be extra-clean. Bladez Beauty Salon in Fort Worth is putting cleanliness as their main focus when hiring hair braiders in the Fort Worth area. Your beauty salon needs to use autoclaves to sterilize tools, offer hand sanitizer to customers and make sure staff members remain home if they are sick. Don§Ó??t forget to tell your customers via social media of all of these practices. It is extremely important to have a professional deep clean once a week.

6. Take Advantage of Technology

As you remember our number one tip is to stay in touch with your clients so it is important to determine how your customers are communicating with you. If you are receiving a lot of emails you should think about automating updates. Make sure to keep the communication lines open especially with those customers who are most likely to be affected. Now, it is the perfect time to leverage text messages to allow clients to reschedule or cancel appointments.

Bottom Line

Even though many stylist jobs are in the line there are ways you can keep working. The key is to be creative and find new ways to help your clients. You are not alone so you might also want to stay connected to your peers. You might be surprised at how other hair braiding jobs in Ft Worth are sharing their strategies and offering advice online.

Remember, closing down is the only way to decrease the spread and flatten the curve. So with that not being a valid option we must stat on top of education.

looking for barber jobs in the ft worth area? Bladez is hiring full time hair braiders in the ft worth area for full time employment

Pros And Cons Of Working In A Salon Suite

For beauty stylists thirsty for autonomy, but not quite ready for the maturity and expenses of traditional salon ownership, salon suites offer an excellent alternative. A salon suite offers everything stylists need, including a receptionist, electricity, water, training, and sometimes childcare.

It is important to understand that launching and running a revenue-generating salon suite requires work and dedication.

According to the owner of Bladez Beauty Salon in Fort Worth, Texas §Ó??You are going to first invest time and money to make the salon suite yours. To become successful you need to build a clientele and have the money to accomplish your goals. And, you need a plan and follow through.§Ó??

If you are wondering if a salon suite is the right choice for you to keep reading as we cover the pros and cons involved in starting a suite venture.

What Is A Salon Suite? A salon suite offers hairstylists the opportunity to own their business without the large upfront costs and risks associated with building and running a salon. In simple words, it is an upscale mini-salon that permits individual hairstylists to work when they want and to sell the products of their choice and keep all profits.

We are hiring hair braiders to start immediately but it is important to understand that salon suites are designed for established beauty professionals with a solid client base. The concept behind salon suites is based on established hair braiders in Ft Worth.

The hair braiders job includes:

  • Cleaning and cutting hair
  • Offering hair care and hairstyling consultation
  • Recommending hair styling products
  • Staying updated on the latest hair trends and styling methods
  • Shampooing cutting, coloring, and highlighting hair
  • Offering manicure, pedicure, waxing, and facial services
  • Performing scalp treatments
  • Managing bookings and welcoming clients into the store
  • Adhering to salon safety and cleanliness standards
  • Building a personal relationship to ensure return visits

The Pros of Salon Suites

Salon suites are appealing to hairstylists for many reasons. First, unlike renting a booth in a traditional salon, a stylist working from a salon suite is free to select every element of her business, from pricing to product lines to business hours. It is like having their salon without the upfront costs.

But without a doubt, the biggest benefit is monetary. Established stylists in a salon suite can earn a bigger profit margin for each service than commission-based stylists. Why? Because gains are not divided with the salon owner. For the same reason, suite stylists make more money with every sold product as well.

Another economic benefit is the capability to lower supply expenses, therefore reducing taxes. When you work in a salon suite you can enjoy the privacy that they offer. A great feature is that no one is listening without permission on conversations or invariably borrowing beauty supplies.

Many salon suites offer different services such as 24-hour access, training, childcare facilities, etc. Cons of Salon Suites As we mentioned before salon suites are designed for hairstylists with clientele as there is little if any foot traffic. So, the stylists can§Ó??t expect walk-in appointments during down days. So look for hair braiding jobs fort worth .

As a hairstylist, it is important to have a sufficient number of regular customers who can support you to move to the new suite location and refer new clients. It is important to consider having a short- and long-term disability insurance to protect you from an illness or injury. The hair braiders employment in a salon suite in Ft Worth requires a time commitment. You need to be prepared to spend several hours a week getting supplies, answering texts, and managing appointments.

When you start working in a salon suite you need to increase your advertising and marketing efforts to promote your services. It is a good strategy to take advantage of the power of social media such as Instagram to let your clients found you. Remember, you are not a booth renter anymore you are now self-employed stay consistent when you look for hair braiding jobs fort worth. This means that you will need to pay more taxes because your employer won§Ó??t be paying half of the social security and Medicare tax bill.

Bottom Line

If you are ready to emancipate yourself a salon suite might be a great option. Right now, Bladez Beauty Salon is hiring hair braiders in Fort Worth, Texas. So, if you are ready to start earning more money call today!

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The staff of this company is family through the good and bad we are family. If you are a professional and you conduct yourself in that manner you have employment as a natural hair braider here. You will not be on your own. Bladez Beauty Salon controls about 35% of the search results for natural and black hair care in the Greater Ft Worth and surrounding cities. Call, click or come by today and make Bladez has hair braiding jobs fort worth so make us your place of hair braiding employment today!

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Sometimes we make the wrong move and it cost us so it makes us scared to make change. If you are a hair braider in FT Worth and your looking for a job don't miss out on this braiding employment opportunity because you have anxiety about change. Embrace this new change and just know you are heading in the right direction. You will be surrounded by professional positive people who want to take there career in hair care to the next level too. We are one of the top hair braiding shops hiring in Fort Worth.

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